21 Surprising And Secret Ways Your Dogs Communicate With You

Have you ever been around your dog and wondered what she is thinking or feeling? Surely you have caught your canine doing something bizarre that has made you question his mental status. Even the position that your dog sleeps in means something. Here are 21 of the most common dog behaviors explained in human terms.

21) Giving gifts

If your dog brings you a gift, whether it’s a dead animal or your shoe, they are trying to make you happy. If your reaction is “ew” but you smile, I doubt he will be offended.

20) Wave your paws in the air like you just don’t care

If your dog is either standing or sitting and has both paws raised, she cares! She is probably trying her best to concentrate.

19)back to back
It’s so cute when you see two dogs sleeping back to back! It’s even sweeter when they sleep back to back with their owners! A dog will only do this with one of his “pack” members that he 100% trusts.

18) The Fox

When a dog’s paws are underneath her and her tail is wrapped around to her face, she is probably cold. This position allows her to keep as much heat in as possible. If you were to visit a wolf den (not recommended!) you would see them sleeping like this. If the dog is not cold, she could be apprehensive.

17 ) Belly curl

A dog sleeping on his belly with his paws either underneath him or out to his sides is not getting good quality sleep. In this position dogs can’t reach REM sleep because their muscles cannot fully relax. Gentle, shy dogs usually sleep like this.

16) Passed Out

When a dog is passed out completely, laying on her back with her limbs drooping across her body, there is a good chance she is overheating. This is the best way for her to lay to cool off. If both paws are draped across her chest, she is saying “leave me alone.” Dogs need their beauty sleep too!

15) Superman

When a dog is sprawled out and laying on his belly, he is probably an energetic animal that has finally crashed. Most often puppies sleep like this, it allows them to pop back up and resume play time when they awake!

14) Side Sleepers

Dogs don’t usually sleep on their sides for long, but it is a typical napping position for them. Dogs who do this often have strong familial bonds and a lot of trust in their “pack.” She is probably a carefree happy dog.

13) Crazy Legs/Dead Bug

If your dog is sleeping with all his limbs sticking up in the air (resembling a dead bug) he is submissive and vulnerable. Not all dogs sleep like this, but if yours does he is a laid back independent pup that feels secure in his surroundings.

12) Low growl

If a dog is doing a low growl, she’s anxious and fearful. Any scared animal is unpredictable. Do not surprise her when her nerves are getting the best of her.

11) Howling

Have you ever noticed dogs howl at the most annoying times? Usually when a dog hears a high-pitched sound, like a siren or train whistle, they howl back. It is unclear if this is because they are annoyed, or it is causing their ears discomfort.

10) Rising bark

It’s play time! If your dog starts with a low bark and it gets higher toward the end, he cannot contain his excitement and he wants to play a game with you!

9) Baring teeth, ears back and snarling

This one is obvious; however, it never hurts to remind people what an angry, aggressive dog looks like. If you encounter this, your dog is feeling threatened and giving warning to the enemy. Do not approach a dog in this state. Even if he is angry at something else, you run the risk of being bitten.

8) Loose floppy tongue

If her tongue is hanging out, she is feeling chill. This is a sign nothing is wrong in her world and everything is O.K.

7) Straight pointed tail and forward ears

In this situation, your best friend is curious about something within his environment. Maybe he hears a new noise or smells something interesting. Either way, he is ready to play detective.

6) Open mouth with relaxed tail but high ears

If you catch your dog like this, it means she is neutral, relaxed and secure in her surroundings. If you are wondering when the best time to approach a strange dog is, it is when they are doing these things.

5) Intense Eye Contact

Who doesn’t want to be the focus of a loved one’s attention? If you have a dog and he is making intense eye contact with you, he is focused on you and you alone. He is very alert to your expressions and what you want from him.

4) Low front, mouth wide open and wagging tail

If this happens when you two are playing, it means he is truly having fun and enjoying himself. He is bowing to you as a thank you!

3) Staring

You will notice even low maintenance dogs have a need for your attention. Here again, intense staring is not her way of being creepy. She just wants your affection.

2) Couch Trashing

If you ever come home to a couch that has been completely ransacked, your pup has separation anxiety. Most dogs get over this eventually, but in the meantime, take the time to walk him and get some of his energy out before you leave him alone.

1) Hanging out a car window

This one is very common. She is taking in her surroundings and enjoying the plethora of new scents.

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