Good Boy Guard Dog Puts on Amazing Show of Tactical Defense

Dogs are remarkable animals. They truly are our best friends and that friendship has been cultivated over centuries. Different breeds of dogs have different skills and this has helped us to use them for certain jobs, and they love nothing more than to lend a helping paw and do their jobs well.

Over the centuries German Shepherds have emerged as one of the toughest and most intelligent dog breeds. They are used by police forces around the world due to their obedience, strength and intelligence. Perhaps the most impressive display of their skills comes from a video recently uploaded by the “K9 Lenin” YouTube channel. This Polish channel dedicated to dog training for special tasks has a wide range of amazing videos but this one certainly takes the biscuit. In the video two humans begin a mock altercation and the dog immediately notices this and runs to the aid of his partner. The dog tucks itself closely between the legs of its companion and joins the intimidation tactics that the human is employing to disperse of the potential threat. The demonstration that follows is simply stunning. The dog maintains its position at all times and adapts according to the commands of its partner. These include getting low to the ground, peeking around corners and waiting until being summoned again. What’s perhaps most impressive is the fact that we can’t hear or see these signals. The smallest and most subtle movements from the master are enough to be interpreted and understood by the amazing dog.


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