“So Amazing” 75-Year-Old Volunteer Visits Animal Shelter Every Day And Naps With dogs and cats

A man in Wisconsin has turned snoozing into a charitable act.Terry Lauerman, 75, goes to his native animal shelter in city daily and takes naps with its cats.

Though, that’s just about his intention.According to Elizabeth Feldhausen, the founding father of shelter Pet Sanctuary, Lauerman strolled into the shelter regarding six months agone with a straightforward dream and a cat brush in tow.
“He simply walked in and commenced brushing,” Feldhausen told HuffPost on Th, noting that he ne’er asked to be a volunteer. “So eventually we have a tendency to told him he was a politician volunteer and had him fill out our volunteer type.”
Feldhausen aforesaid Lauerman visits the cage-free sanctuary — that rescues disabled cats that will be in danger of mercy killing at different facilities — daily and stays for concerning 3 hours. After he grooms a cat for a touch, he generally dozes off.

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