“So Emotional Story” This Photographer Captures The Emotional Final Moments Between Pets And Their Owners

Ross Taylor is an assistant professor at the University of Colorado Boulder who has worked as a photojournalist for more than 20 years.
During this time, his pictures have captured the stark realities of life in some of the world’s most adverse living conditions and often focus on social issues related to, or as a direct result of, traumatic events. “It’s my hope that such documentary work in this realm can help build empathy toward others, by lending more insight to conditions we share,” Taylor said”

For his new series, Last Moments, Taylor focuses his camera on a certain trauma that many of us have had or will experience in our lives — the loss of a beloved family pet. With the guidance of licensed veterinarians, Taylor was allowed access to capture the emotional final moments between owners and their pets. The resulting images are a sincere and respectful representation of the undeniable bonds between humans and their animal companions.
Here, Taylor speaks with a newspaper on his emotional journey through Last Moments and shares with us a selection of pictures from the series:


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