[ Study Claims ] People Who Talk To Their Pets Are Smarter Than Those Who Don’t

“Who are you talking to?”, “Are you seriously having a full conversation with your dog?”, “Did you just say ‘Hi’ to that cat?”, “You know what you are? Bonkers” etc etc etc, if you are someone who talks to their pets regularly, all the above remarks won’t come as a surprise to you and you probably deal with them every day. In fact, people around you are convinced that you’re crazy and something is really wrong with you.

“Pets can’t talk back you know?” Of course, we know, Martha. “So what’s the point?” We love our pets, they are a part of our families and we love talking to them. “But, that’s so stupid, why would you do that?” Yeah, that’s where you are wrong. Researchers have found that there’s nothing wrong or strange about talking to animals, if anything, it is a sign of superior intelligence.
Wanting to talk to your pet, plants or any inanimate object for that matter doesn’t equal to you being cuckoo, it actually means the opposite. It’s not crazy, the act of talking to things or other living beings, other than humans, is known as anthropomorphizing. If you get this urge to name things whenever you see something cute or of your interest, there’s nothing wrong with, it is actually a sign of intelligence.


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