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” So Interesting ” Study Says That Losing A Dog Or A Cat Can Be As Hard As Losing A Loved Person

Anyone who’s ever owned a dog knows that they become more than just a pet — they become a member of the family.

That’s why it’s so tough when a pet passes away. Whether the animal died suddenly or of an illness, died after a long life or far too young, the loss is painful and can be so difficult to come to terms with. Some people will heartlessly tell you to just “get over it” or tell you “it’s just a dog.” Those people don’t understand what it’s like to lose a pet. They are so much more than just an animal, and getting over it is easier said than done. In fact, it can feel like there’s nothing anyone can say to lessen the pain a pet owner feels after a loss.
The grief we feel about losing a pet is backed up by scientific research. A study has shown that the mourning process that someone goes through after the loss of a pet is very much real.
In fact, it can actually be more difficult to overcome the loss of a pet than it is to overcome the loss of a human.


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